How Does Safelink Wireless Stack Up?

Safelink Wireless service is a free cell phone program instituted by the U.S. administration for poor families. To apply for this state assisted program persons should fulfill the required some eligibility conditions. The applicants should know what their wireless service will cost and whether they can afford it or not.

Safelink has global affiliations

Safelink Wireless has a global relationship with chief mobile handset manufacturers. Basic requirements of Safelink Wireless phones are also provided to the persons who are already participating in any state or Federal assistance  program. such as Medicare program or to persons who are below the poverty line as per U.S. standards  Safelink Wireless service is only limited to one person per house. In case a person exceeds this limit, he/she will be excluded from the service.

Safelink is the largest service provider in U.S.

Safelink Wireless is one of the USA major “No-Contract” wireless service providers. It has more than 19 million subscribers only in the US. It is a unit of América Móvil which is the 5th biggest wireless phone company in the world and the largest among all the service providing companies in America.

Safelink focuses on prepaid cell phones

Safelink exclusively focuses on prepaid cell phones and their service. Different from most of the prepaid service providers, Safelink doesn’t require its users to enter into a contract. Safelink Wireless users enjoy No Bills, No Contracts policy.

In today’s world, cell phone ownership is an important thing for an individual’s success and it is the motto of Safelink Wireless. The company considers that everyone should carry a mobile phone without paying for useless services. Safelink Wireless Company also advertises that they do not charge any extra cost to activate the wireless service.

Safelink Wireless invests billions of dollars each year to decrease the costs of the mobile phones and make them affordable for everyone.

Safelink has good coverage and connectivity

Safelink Wireless is very popular for offering good coverage in the United States. Signals of Safelink wireless service are carried on the towers of 30 major mobile carriers. To verify your coverage area, service and cell phone availability, a person needs to enter his zip code at the Buy Phones webpage.

The company has a very close working relationship with its retail partners Safelink retails. Safelink Wireless is one of the leading cell phone companies with top retail chains. You can find Safelink phones at nearly 70,000 stores and the airtime Cards at around the US.

SafeLink Wireless basically offers a free cell phone and limited voice minutes each month for one person per family to low income families who do not use Lifeline services of other companies. Apps for Safelink Wireless service are done via the website, or by having faxing or mailing the company an application form there is no choice available for the users on phone handset provided by the company after the application processes. Additional free minutes monthly benefit may be purchased by the user. In 2011, Safelink Wireless Company had over 4,000,000 subscribers.

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