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Another Free Cell Phone Carrier

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

ReachOut Wireless provides a government assistance program called Lifeline that provides discounts on wireless service for eligible users. ReachOut Wireless Company offers wireless services in the US.


To apply for a ReachOut Wireless service, the person must have certain eligibility conditions such as Medicare or domestic income revenue that is below 135% of the federal poverty level in most of the states. The basics of what controls possible customer’s suitability may differf by state to state. ReachOut Wireless service is provided to one person in each family and is not allowed to persons who have taken the service from any other company. The benefits of this service are also transferable.

ReachOut Wireless is a part of USF

The Lifeline Assistance program under ReachOut wireless service is one of the parts of the USF (Universal Service Fund), which ensure that quality services are provided at affordable costs. The Lifeline program also provides attractive discounts to its customers which makes it the most popular service in the U.S.

Some people make have many misconceptions about USF. It is not a a taxpayers’ money. This fund is collected from the public as a small fee on their bills. This small fee collected as surcharge from the  Americans is used for providing Lifeline services to the poor and needy families who are in need of financial assistance from the government and qualify for it. The companies that provide Lifeline phone services are also the members of the USF program.  ReachOut Wireless is strictly follows the guidelines of the communication standards and is therefore considered as the bet service provider.

Discount is available for one phone per family

An eligible user will get the discount on either a land line or a wireless connection. However the discount is available to only individual in the family. The monthly support from the federal LifeLine program is around $9.25 per month, but some other states provide additional funding.  ReachOut Wireless offers the Lifeline monthly grant in the form of free minutes each month.

ReachOut Wireless provides both fresh and renovated receivers based exclusively upon product’s accessibility.  ReachOut Wireless also offers handsets with innovative features and service capabilities for an added fee.

If a person wants to add additional airtime to his account, he can call at 1-877-870-9222 and refill his account through the automated system else he could do that by speaking to a live representative on the service. The customer can also  purchase an airtime card on the company’s website. These attractive features have made ReachOut the most popular service among the poor and needy U.S. masses and more and more people are joining this company.

Reachout Wireless offers both Lifeline and non Lifeline services.

Important features of Reachout Wireless  service are:

  • Handsets of ReachOut start at a nominal rate
  • Activation Fee is charged only once from the customers.
  • Delayed Activation Fee is optional.
  • One can only pay an initial amount of $30.00 and thereafter $3.50 a month for a year.
    • Shipping is free and there no other hidden costs.

How Does Safelink Wireless Stack Up?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Safelink Wireless service is a free cell phone program instituted by the U.S. administration for poor families. To apply for this state assisted program persons should fulfill the required some eligibility conditions. The applicants should know what their wireless service will cost and whether they can afford it or not.

Safelink has global affiliations

Safelink Wireless has a global relationship with chief mobile handset manufacturers. Basic requirements of Safelink Wireless phones are also provided to the persons who are already participating in any state or Federal assistance  program. such as Medicare program or to persons who are below the poverty line as per U.S. standards  Safelink Wireless service is only limited to one person per house. In case a person exceeds this limit, he/she will be excluded from the service.

Safelink is the largest service provider in U.S.

Safelink Wireless is one of the USA major “No-Contract” wireless service providers. It has more than 19 million subscribers only in the US. It is a unit of América Móvil which is the 5th biggest wireless phone company in the world and the largest among all the service providing companies in America.

Safelink focuses on prepaid cell phones

Safelink exclusively focuses on prepaid cell phones and their service. Different from most of the prepaid service providers, Safelink doesn’t require its users to enter into a contract. Safelink Wireless users enjoy No Bills, No Contracts policy.

In today’s world, cell phone ownership is an important thing for an individual’s success and it is the motto of Safelink Wireless. The company considers that everyone should carry a mobile phone without paying for useless services. Safelink Wireless Company also advertises that they do not charge any extra cost to activate the wireless service.

Safelink Wireless invests billions of dollars each year to decrease the costs of the mobile phones and make them affordable for everyone.

Safelink has good coverage and connectivity

Safelink Wireless is very popular for offering good coverage in the United States. Signals of Safelink wireless service are carried on the towers of 30 major mobile carriers. To verify your coverage area, service and cell phone availability, a person needs to enter his zip code at the Buy Phones webpage.

The company has a very close working relationship with its retail partners Safelink retails. Safelink Wireless is one of the leading cell phone companies with top retail chains. You can find Safelink phones at nearly 70,000 stores and the airtime Cards at around the US.

SafeLink Wireless basically offers a free cell phone and limited voice minutes each month for one person per family to low income families who do not use Lifeline services of other companies. Apps for Safelink Wireless service are done via the website, or by having faxing or mailing the company an application form there is no choice available for the users on phone handset provided by the company after the application processes. Additional free minutes monthly benefit may be purchased by the user. In 2011, Safelink Wireless Company had over 4,000,000 subscribers.

What is Assurance Wireless All About?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline Assistance program brought by government which is supported by the FUSF (Federal Universal Service Fund). Registration is accessible to those who qualify the criteria of federal or state-specific program. Another criterion for qualifying is household income. To be part of this program, an individual should also provide proof of program participation or proof of income.

Eligibility to own an assurance Wireless Phone

The Lifeline Assistance program is available for only 1 wireless or wire line account per home. People who live on temporary addresses are also qualified.

When customers sign their Assurance Wireless application, they have to confirm that they are qualified for the Assurance Wireless Program powered by government agencies. They also have to confirm that they are the leader of family and that their home will receive only one lifeline concession.

Various tariff plans of Assurance Wireless

Apart from application approval and receipt of the Assurance Wireless phone, a person needs to follow the instructions involved in the conventional Quick Start Guide. Once the phone is activated, the customer will receive his/her first 250 free voice minutes and 250 FREE text, messages. Customers will continue to receive the 250 free minutes and 250 free messages every month until he or she is no longer qualified for the Assurance Wireless Program. If a person purchases a $5 plan, he will be receiving a total of 500 voice minutes and 500 text messages every month as long as he has a account balance of $5 in his account when a fresh new month starts.

 If an individual purchases a plan of $20, that person will receive 1000 total voice minutes and 1000 text messages every month as long as they have a minimum balance of $20 in their cash account in the starting of a new month. In case an individual purchases plan of $30, he will get Unlimited Talk, unlimited Text messages, and internet plans, in short he will be receiving a total Unlimited plan for voice calls, text messages, and internet access every month as long as he/she have an account balance of $30 at the start of a new billing month.

Working of Lifeline Phone Program

In case an individual has not enough balance in their accounts for a selected offer, they will still receive 250 FREE voice minutes and 250 FREE text messages each month. There is only one condition that they should be eligible enough to receive the benefits of this program.

To go on with the Lifeline service from Assurance Wireless, a person must confirm that he is still eligible for the Federal Lifeline Assistance grounded on contribution in certain community assistance programs such as SSI (Supplemental Security Income).

Customer can certify their continuing eligibility for this Lifeline Assistance program by various ways. They can use their Assurance Wireless phone to call the automated phone line at 1-888-653-9262 and follow the prompts in order to receive the service. Or they can Visit their official website i.e. and click on Annual Certification for further information.

Is the Obama Phone an Urban Myth?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

In the recent weeks there had been uproar about the ‘Obama Phone’ in US. People who had not watched the TV were crazy to know about the Obama Phone and whether the information spread about this phone was fake or real.

Video started the controversy

All this started with a video which went viral. In the video, a so called Obama supporter is shown as telling to a reporter about her “Obama phone” at a rally held in Ohio. This video brought the incorrect word ‘Obama Phone’ into public eye.

In fact ‘The Obama Phone’ exists nowhere. The term has been a talking point of the public ever since President Obama inaugurated the free cell phones program for the poor. Opponents of Obama have been criticizing the program since 2009. Many people accuse Obama of using the program for his election campaign.

Obama did not start the program

The myth that president Obama started this free cell program is not true. The program started in 2008. This was the year when Obama was elected as the president but it was merely a coincidence. Actually the program is the brain child of Clinton and continued under the administration of Bush and Obama.

It was Clinton who first started the scheme of giving subsidiary on cells phones to the poor. The service in the present form is implemented through two programs

  • Lifeline Assistance
  • Lifeline Link-Up

Lifeline Link-Up pays the initial cost of the phones while the Lifeline Assistance helps in paying the monthly bills. These two programs are often clubbed together and called Lifeline. The eligibility conditions for qualification for this program have also not been formed by Obama administration. They are in effect since 1996. To be eligible for the program an applicant must be below 135 to 150 percent below the Federal Poverty Guidelines depending on the states they live in. Persons participating in other public assistance programs like food stamps. energy assistance, public housing and medical aid are also eligible for this program. No eligibility condition has changed since the days of Clinton and Bush.

Criticism of Obama is not fair

The criticism that Obama is redistributing the wealth through this program also does not hold good on two counts. Firstly, this free cell scheme was not started by Obama. It was the brainchild of Clinton and continued even during Bush administration. Secondly, the money for this Lifeline program is not paid by the taxpayers. For this program a small fee is added to the monthly telephone bills. The fund is called the Universal Service Fund and is used for funding the program. It is also important to know that providing a cell phone does not cost more than that providing a land line phone. Both are provided on subsidized rates.

So, calling Lifeline, the free cell program to the poor, as Obama Phone is factually incorrect. The term Obama Phone cannot be stated to be real. If some name is necessary for the program the best term could be ‘The Clinton Phone’ or ‘The Bush Phone’.