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ReachOut Wireless provides a government assistance program called Lifeline that provides discounts on wireless service for eligible users. ReachOut Wireless Company offers wireless services in the US.


To apply for a ReachOut Wireless service, the person must have certain eligibility conditions such as Medicare or domestic income revenue that is below 135% of the federal poverty level in most of the states. The basics of what controls possible customer’s suitability may differf by state to state. ReachOut Wireless service is provided to one person in each family and is not allowed to persons who have taken the service from any other company. The benefits of this service are also transferable.

ReachOut Wireless is a part of USF

The Lifeline Assistance program under ReachOut wireless service is one of the parts of the USF (Universal Service Fund), which ensure that quality services are provided at affordable costs. The Lifeline program also provides attractive discounts to its customers which makes it the most popular service in the U.S.

Some people make have many misconceptions about USF. It is not a a taxpayers’ money. This fund is collected from the public as a small fee on their bills. This small fee collected as surcharge from the  Americans is used for providing Lifeline services to the poor and needy families who are in need of financial assistance from the government and qualify for it. The companies that provide Lifeline phone services are also the members of the USF program.  ReachOut Wireless is strictly follows the guidelines of the communication standards and is therefore considered as the bet service provider.

Discount is available for one phone per family

An eligible user will get the discount on either a land line or a wireless connection. However the discount is available to only individual in the family. The monthly support from the federal LifeLine program is around $9.25 per month, but some other states provide additional funding.  ReachOut Wireless offers the Lifeline monthly grant in the form of free minutes each month.

ReachOut Wireless provides both fresh and renovated receivers based exclusively upon product’s accessibility.  ReachOut Wireless also offers handsets with innovative features and service capabilities for an added fee.

If a person wants to add additional airtime to his account, he can call at 1-877-870-9222 and refill his account through the automated system else he could do that by speaking to a live representative on the service. The customer can also  purchase an airtime card on the company’s website. These attractive features have made ReachOut the most popular service among the poor and needy U.S. masses and more and more people are joining this company.

Reachout Wireless offers both Lifeline and non Lifeline services.

Important features of Reachout Wireless  service are:

  • Handsets of ReachOut start at a nominal rate
  • Activation Fee is charged only once from the customers.
  • Delayed Activation Fee is optional.
  • One can only pay an initial amount of $30.00 and thereafter $3.50 a month for a year.
    • Shipping is free and there no other hidden costs.

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